A woman who has visions
A tireless worker
Traveler of poetic leaps
Sculptor, painter
Possessor of the ability to keep on working and finish
These qualities are the venue of
Lorraine Capparell

Lorraine Capparell is a storyteller, gently enticing those who view
her work to take a leap into an imaginative world of discovery.
She is an accomplished artist, recognized for her work as a painter,
sculptor and photographer since 1975. She divides her time between
creating visionary sculptural pieces, and richly colorful paintings and
watercolors that communicate her unique focus on life.

Capparell is a native of Rochester, New York, and received her bachelor
of science from Cornell University. She moved to California in the early
‘70s and studied sculpture with Steven DeStaebler at San Francisco State
University. She has been highly influenced by her long-term relationship
with her late husband, Lars Speyer, a photographer, producer and mentor.
She also traveled widely in Asia, studying Buddhist and Hindu sculpture,
painting and temple architecture. Capparell has worked as a freelance
graphic designer and photographer. Her vision is to pay tribute to earth
and the spirit within. She works out of her studio in Palo Alto,
California, and has exhibited widely in the San Francisco Bay area
as well as nationwide.

A Sculptor Evolves
Capparell is a woman with a passion for her visions, and the
self-discipline to see them actualized. In 1998 she completed five
life size figures in bronze entitled Five Women that took her
five years to evolve and complete. The project was initiated by
a dream she had more than 25 years earlier.

Since 1981, her work has been in both group and solo exhibitions
in California and New York, and is in the collections of the Palo Alto
Buddhist Temple, Apple Computer, and the Theo Jung Collection of
the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Paintings and Watercolors
Capparell creates art every day, working with themes that reflect daily
life, but incorporating secrets and surprises that invoke the viewer
to discover and think of the world in a new way. Her work asks the
viewer to experience the connection between our earthly world and
that of the spirit.

In the Media
Since 1992, Capparell has consistently published paintings and sculpture
on a Buddhist theme in Inquiring Mind, a semiannual journal of the
Vipassana community. Articles by Anne Telford on Capparell’s Storyteller
appeared in the February 1996 Ceramics Monthly and featured Three
Ages of Women in the June 1989 California Home and Garden Magazine.
Capparell’s sculpture has been featured in Paul Piepenberg’s book,
The Spirit of Clay, 1996, in Sculpting Clay, by Leon Nigrosh, 1991, in
Ethics of Enlightenment, 1990, by Ronald Nakasone, (14 ink/wash
drawings), in Womenspirit Sourcebook, 1988, edited by Patrice Wynn,
and in Dreams Are Wiser Than Men, edited by Richard Russo in 1987.

Alaska Suite, 2004, a limited edition of 14 prints of original watercolor
paintings inspired by Alaska, was published for Lorraine Capparell by
Skymuseum Publications at Cattle Track Press, in Scottsdale, AZ.

In 2015, in collaboration with Poet Laureate Nils Peterson, Capparell created EARTH WATER FIRE AIR, a soft cover book including 28 original paintings and poems, published by Skymuseum Publications.

Work and Collections
In 2008, Capparell’s larger than life size bronze mastiff, Barkley, was
installed in Barkley Fields, Woodside, CA.  Capparell has designed artwork
for the Buddhist community, including the Zen Center Hospice, San
Francisco, CA (Buddha’s Death, ceramic relief), Palo Alto Buddhist Temple,
(Sakyamuni Buddha: A Story, 14 Ink/Wash Drawings). Insight Meditation
Center of the Mid-peninsula, Redwood City, CA, Mahapajapati, bronze
sculpture, and at Comalong Private Sculpture Park, Aptos, CA (Abhaya,
fiberglass sculpture). Her work has been commissioned by both
individuals and corporations. Since 1975, Capparell has been a freelance
graphic designer, a photographer, and,since 1980, a member of the
Board of Directors of Cultural Odyssey: Dance, Music and Theater
directed by Rhodessa Jones and Idris Ackamoor.
650.493.2869 | LorraineCapparell@skymuseum.com