Waking out of my dream
I saw them - turning - blazing in fire    
Fingertips pulled up out of the earth
The image of the flame prevails.

>> More fire can be seen in the paintings of the Earth Water Fire Air series.
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Lorraine Capparell's Hands


Lorraine Capparell's Hands


Lorraine Capparell's Hands (Detail)


I dreamed of this sculpture fully formed. It took two years to bring it into reality. I modeled in clay the five life size female torsos that are surrounded by forty hands and used a mould of my own face to create the multi-faced heads on each body. I made moulds of the hands of 20 women from age 17 to 80. From these moulds, came the hands that surround the figures which rise from the earth through fires of the passion of life to transcendence in Hands. I used an air brush to glaze the flames and fired each piece as many as six times to build up the layers.

      "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.
         Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."

                                              ~ Goethe

Making Hands taught me about Greek (Janus) and Hindu (Shiva) mythology and how everything is connected in the Collective Unconscious (Carl Jung). The idea of Hands is unity: unity of all facets of myself, among all the various women of Earth, and among all people on Earth. In all of us burns humanity.

      "That's what transformative art is to me - artists who are reclaiming the roles of  visionary, healer, community activist and prophet within a grand context,
an experience of communion that penetrates our lives on many dimensions of being."
                             ~ Lauren Raine
                          "Seeing in a Sacred Manner"
                           Conversations with Transformative Artists
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