Shell Series

I first saw Shell Woman in a dream. When I awoke, I immediately sketched the strange figure of a chambered nautilus shell with a beautiful pair of legs. Next, I made small clay studies, one of which my friend, Chloe Scott, carried to Malta where she left it on an altar to the Goddess.

>> Ancient Egypt inspired the stele behind Shell Woman and Conch Venus.
For more Egyptian influences, click here to look at Crone Enthroned.

That first small Shell Woman empowered me to create a bronze sculpture of Shell Woman, placing her in front of a stele imprinted with shells. I continued to be fascinated with this idea and next made Conch Venus, modeling the legs from sculptures of Venus as I had with Shell Woman. I had a model pose for Reclining Shell.
   Birth of Venus came when I realized the need to free Venus from the rigidity and confines of her beautiful shells. This new Venus, also based on a classical sculpture, stands  independently and triumphantly on a wave, her shell now fanned protectively behind her.
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